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Foamglas – Owens Corning


FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is a light weight, rigid and durable insulation material, composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It offers an exceptional combination of properties such as incombustibility, superior compressive strength, guaranteed water- and vapour tightness and long lasting thermal insulation performance.

In the industrial sector, FOAMGLAS® insulation is the material of choice for cold and cryogenic applications in the petrochemical and oil and gas sectors. The long term thermal efficiency of FOAMGLAS® insulation, including in extreme conditions, results in a short payback time and ensures that installations run efficiently through better process control.


We are authorized distributor of Owens Corning – Foamglas products in Vietnam. The block of Foamglas is imported and cut by CNC machine into pipe section, dome, valves, flanges…

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Foamglas – Owens Corning
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