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PUR/PIR Foam – Kingspan Belgium


The Tarecpir range of rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation is suitable for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, such as process, petrochemical and LNG. It can be delivered as a finished product (Pipes or Pipe supports) or in block. Whilst retaining all of the benefits of rigid polyurethane insulation, Tarecpir has a considerably increased resistance to burning and spread of flame.

We are authorized distributor of Kingspan Belgium in Vietnam. PUR/PIR block material is imported and cut by CNC machine into pipe section, dome, valves, flanges…

Tarecpir HD (high density) is a specially modified rigid polyisocyanurate insulation available in a range of densities up to 320 kg/m3 / 20 lb/ft3. Tarecpir HD is particularly suitable for use in load-bearing applications, making it ideal for insulated pipe supports. The use of Tarecpir HD for insulated pipe support inserts can help to avoid the potential problems of cold bridging and/or energy loss between the pipework and support structure.

Tarecpir HD density 320kg/m3

Cryogenic insulation support completed with steel clamps

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PUR/PIR Foam – Kingspan Belgium
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