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Ceramic fiber


In Blackcat services, we can repair and replace refractory linings in all types of high temperature. We have skilled installers to perform onsite brickwork, gunite, shotcrete, casting of refractory castables and ceramic fiber system for furnace facilities.
Refractory materials must be strong and durable to withstand intense temperatures. We have experience with fire brick, ceramic fiber (blanket, modules or block), castable and mortars – a complete line of high quality materials that are certified to install both structual and aesthetic finishing. Our refractory experts can recommend the best material for your needs. In addition, we keep an available inventory to ensure we have the right materials on time.
We provide design and installation services for:

  • – Boilers
  • – Furnaces

For each project, we are aware of the strictest progress following to shutdown time. To manage the quality in all operations, it is very important to control preparation work sufficiently. In need of information about furnace condition, surveying step needs to be taken before we can make a resonable solution. Blackcat also provide layout drawings then and engineer the refractory system in a detailed schedule of all activities prior to the start of shutdown.
Whether fabricated on site or in our workshop, our team are able to design and assemble material to minimize time on-site, meet deadline and complete punctually.

Ceramic fiber
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