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Aluminum versus Stainless Steel

Many people in the restaurant industry or the booming food-truck industry are constantly wondering what kind of material to use for the countertops, or backsplash…aluminum or stainless steel. Both of them are very popular in metal cladding fabrication for insulation.

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lịch khai giảng đào tạo giàn giáo - Black Cat - opening schedule of Scaffold training courses

Announcement Of The Opening Schedule Of Scaffolding Courses in 1st Quarter – March 2019

Black Cat is proud to be the only unit coordinate with AIS-Training – a leading unit providing training courses in the United Kingdom, bring to Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia industrial market much scaffold training courses certified by CISRS (Construction Industries Scaffolders Record Scheme) – UK.

trung thu 2018 mid autumn festival - black cat insulation jsc

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

The roundest moon can be seen in the Autumn, It is time for reunions. The Mid-Autumn festival is an opportunity for members of the family to visit toghether and share toghether everything in their year.