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PUR/ PIR – Advanced Cold Insulation Solution

By admin . May 24, 2019

Insulation in general and cold insulation in particular, there are many types of materials which diverse both in types, designs and quality such as glass wool, mineral wool, PU Foam, PE-OPP Foam, XPS panel, … among them, Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) are included. PUR and PIR materials are synthetic rubber under hard foamed shape, […]

TG20:13 Guide – Setting The Industry Standard In Scaffolding

By admin . May 18, 2019

We are confident the application of new guidelines will be user-friendly, helpful and aid in taking the Vietnam scaffolding industry further forward and meet the strict requirement from international markets.

BS1139 EN74 Class A & Class B Scaffolding

By admin . May 10, 2019

En74 standard is a standard for scaffolding couplers only. It is used mostly for double and swivel coupler, sleeve coupler. What is the difference between BS1139 EN74 Class A and Class B Scaffolding and How to Choose Standard for Different Construction?

Reputable Scaffold Contractor In Vietnam

By admin . April 24, 2019

A solid scaffolding system will ensure the safety, construction progress and thereby building reputation for the contractor. Therefore, the quality of scaffolding will directly affect the quality of construction and the selecting scaffold providing units must meet the requirements below: