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Passive Fire Protection – An Important Element of Fire Safety Strategy

By admin . October 29, 2020

Fire proofing is an important factor for constructing a safe building. And Passive Fire Protection is built into the structure of a building to safeguard people’s lives and limit the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents.


By admin . September 23, 2020

Fire safety is an important factor for constructing a safe building. As per importance of fire safety most of the countries have developed elaborated legislation regarding fire-safe construction.

Compare The Difference Between Hot And Cold Insulation Materials

By admin . March 26, 2020

It’s difficult to make the decision between purchasing hot or cold removable insulation materials without truly knowing both sides of the story. They are both aim at saving and maintaining energy, which option will work best for your piping system.

ASTM International – Standards For Steel Tubes

By admin . October 29, 2019

The ASTM standard covers a wide range of steel tubes, round pipes and high temperature fittings, common uses and special applications such as fire protection.

PUR/ PIR – Advanced Cold Insulation Solution

By admin . May 24, 2019

Insulation in general and cold insulation in particular, there are many types of materials which diverse both in types, designs and quality such as glass wool, mineral wool, PU Foam, PE-OPP Foam, XPS panel, … among them, Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) are included.