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Marine/ Offshore Scaffolding


Marine / Offshore scaffolding is becoming a speciality as we have gained a lot of experience and we have always provided the highest standards of service in. Our experienced team take into account the specifics of the vessel/ship or the platform and the access requirements that the scaffolding has to provide.
Marine/ Offshore scaffolding is different from providing scaffolding for buildings and construction, both of structures and places it takes. As always we are reponsive to what the scaffolding has to cover, whether you require scaffolding for a vessel or ship on the water, on the platform or in dry dock-land.
With Blackcat scaffolding, Tube and Fitting scaffold is ideal for working platforms around irregular shapes and/or tight curves. The nature of tube and fitting scaffolding is entirely flexible with the scaffold lengths, vessel requirements and safety standards.
We also continually invest in all individual training plans to ensure our core workforce fully trained and prepared for any access requirement ranging from basic tower to a designed complex hanging scaffolds on a vessel or a platform out at sea.
Blackcat’s services are applicable but not limited to the following industry classifications. Our work is performed by highly trained and productive qualified union tradesmen. Our material is adhere to the highest applicable international standards BS1139/EN74. With fully trained workers and a large stock of materials, we are also provide labour hire only and scaffolding sales. We pride ourselves on delivering good customer service, value and safety.
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