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Acoustic insulation


Ideal for noisy industrial facilities, this application is required for reducing Sound Abuse. Our acoustic insulation can help you improve a better working environment. The main application is on Buildings, Malls, Hospitals, Equipment & Piping systems where simultaneous activities are going on and creating loud noises.

Fitted into walls, floors or partitions, our acoustic insulation works by absorbing noise and preventing impact sounds from escaping into other areas of your facility. Even though normally applied in hospitals or office buildings, we still like to use all type quality materials of mineral wool/ glass wool/ superlon/ Amar flex and other specified products as required. Our products and systems will soundproof the specific facilities of plant to protect against any airborne noise and comply with any building regulation or client specification which may be required.

Having worked in the industry for many years, our highly skilled and experienced team can analyze the source of the noise and insulate as required. For higher benefits, in case, the acoustic insulation is generally finished to match the adjoining relevant thermal insulation to let you get lower cost for whole project.

Acoustic insulation
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