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Cold Insulation


Black Cat Cold Insulation is a different side that requires a great deal of expertise. It is applied more special materials with their own characteristics and applications. By practical consultancy, Black Cat helps you decide which material is most suitable for each technical project with the lowest budget. Our experienced and specialist staff guarantee to bring you a perfect execution of your project.
Along with specified installation processes, we implement the type of insulation coming up to – 200oC. The materials required and generally applied for the cold insulation are as under:

  • Glasswool.
  • Superlon/ Amarflex.
  • Perlite powder.
  • Polyurethane Foam (PUR) & Poly-isocyanate Foam (PIR): The Insulation can be done by machine, and dispensing the PUR/ PIR Chemicals in defined proportion. It can be applied in multiple layers. By spraying system, this seamless insulation is suitable for many insulated components included tank, pipe, equipment, chiller and freezer rooms.
  • Cellular glass: It is a high-quality material used for cold insulation of pipe work, equipment, storage tanks. The insulated components shall be insulated with preformed section. Cellular glass is a lightweight material consisting of millions of packed glass cells. Each glass cell provides long-term performance, and together it can insulate the material under all possible conditions. 

We also provide fabrication of a wide range of cladding materials for thermal insulation. These include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, Aluzinc, colored coated steel and especially fiber glass cloth (for jacket & mattress). The materials can be used to produce standard pipe casing and valve boxes, from complex square to rounds. They can be manufactured to assure quality and accuracy by systems of controlled cutting machines in our workshop.

Cold Insulation
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