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Intumescement & Cementitious


Blackcat-Intumescent & cementitious fireproofing are applied as a protective paint that serves to contain a fire or slow the spread. When exposed to fire, the coating swells and expands to create a passive barrier to fire.

The main benefit of the fireproofing is its aesthetic appeal. We offer customers a typical approach to fireproofing by combination of trowel or sprayed coating, adhesives, coats/sealants, and ensure that all features of structure are covered effectively.

Using fire-resistant materials, our products perform well to steel and concrete structure, both existing and new construction and form a coating that is durable and long lasting. Blackcat is a qualified applicator for Thermalag 300 (Carboline®), Chatek (IP) & Pitt Char (PPG), JotaChar (Jotun), Fendolite® with a range of reliable suppliers in local and around the world.

When properly installed, our skilled crafts will show you an attractive and smooth finish where typical appearance is important. They have the technical expertise and project experience to take a job from end to end – select the correct fireproofing product, manage the installation and apply the value finished coating. At Blackcat, every project shall be executed right in the first time.

Intumescement & Cementitious
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