Blackcat Lining Application performs high-quality epoxy coatings and linings, customized equipments and proven installation processes that renew infrastructure and stop corrosion.
Our installations promote efficient and long lasting protection against corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. We select the appropriate lining type for your particular conditions and install it right for your project, includes.

– Rubber lining
– Flake lining
– Refractory lining

Lining installation is applied for flooring and other steel strutures, in many kinds of factories in chemical, fertilizer, coal-fired power, thermal power plants. We supply and use high quality raw materials which are prime and most effective for almost anti-corrosive method. We have experience with the application in a variety of thickness ranging from 2 to 4000 micron. Our linings are subject to numerous inspections and testing. Each lining installation is inspected per our in-house quality management system. Its chemical and mechanical qualities are able to respond to most industrial requirements.
As a professional lining contractors, we know how to set up a key lining which offers improved chemical properties and heat resistance, even within an extremly strict environment. These features make it become an excellent choice for protecting your project from all types of industrial environments.

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