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PFP Jacketing


Passive Fire Protection Jacket System is other kind of fireproofing service. It’s specialized in oil/gas, marine or offshore sectors. Blackcat is now a contractor to supply skilled manpower for installing passive fire protection system. At the present, Blackcat is a distribution agent of some famous PFP brands. We cooperate in providing reliable product resouces that can help our client easier to get the best solution. We are always looking for more value partnership with leading companies to meet exactly any specifications.

J10/ J45/ J60/ J120… is normal demand for PFP jacket, which is required to protect for ESDV Valve, Riser Hang-Off, Piping system and equipment. It’s very thin, light, easy for handling and installation as well as meeting regulation of weight handling requirement in Offshore sector.

We may require to take a site survey by combination with experienced technical advisor from abroad. And then, some available standard products can match requirements, or if required we will design and modify alternative products and develop a bespoke solution. Manufacturing is carried out under stringent quality control by our abroad manufacturers (European Countries) to completely fit with shape and size of items. At site, we supply experienced personnel to carry out the work and controlled by quality expert from our international suppliers to guarantee fire protection for items.

PFP Jacketing
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