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Blackcat hot insulation service is a full-service mechanical insulation system that conserve energy, regulate temps, control condensation and ensure personal safety for your employees.

Often working alongside major contractors to carry out new built projects or facility renewal, we apply insulation for a diverse scope of pipework, ductwork, valves, flanges, fittings, tank, vessel…. Clients sector is also diverse from beverage & food to industrial plants such as petrochemical, chemical, refinery, power plant, offshore… Up to now, we are proud to still corperate many of them with new construction projects, ongoing maintenance and repeat work.

The main point in our operations is to bring client’s values as much as possible. We can design and install the insulation system up to 1600oC temperature, high-corrosion media, harsh working environment, different types of materials, different purposes, different equipment and pipes… All components in your project will be insulated to let the temperature exactly at place where they must be.

Black Cat offers a popular product range for high thermal efficiency which are designed to suit different needs and different operational temperature ranges, includes mineral wool, glasswool, ceramic fiber (Superwool, Uniblock…), calcium silicate, Perlite,… We’ll do all the necessary heat loss calculations and advise on suitable insulation products. Whether fabricated on site or in our workshop, we can provide the required product to your specifications. Incorporated in a comprehensive application and service, we will bring you lower thermal conductivities values, that help you get 10% – 15% heat loss than usual.

We also provide fabrication of a wide range of cladding materials for thermal insulation. These include aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, Aluzinc, colored coated steel and especially fiber glass cloth (for jacket & mattress). The materials can be used to produce standard pipe casing and valve boxes, from complex square to rounds. They can be manufactured to assure quality and accuracy by systems of controlled cutting machines in our workshop.

In each project, no one is expecting for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – one of the biggest problems associated with high – temperature operation. By understanding the types of corrosion that can occur under insulation, special care must be taken during design not to promote CUI. If you choose Black Cat, this job will be advised professionally and prevented at the first. Even if your project has occurred CUI, we can still intervene and give you an efficient solution with the lowest repair cost.
At BLACK CAT Vietnam insulation, we do not stop insulation by only finishing the installing and covering. Our objective is to increasingly develop both of aesthetic technique and art creativeness in each performance.

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