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Industrial Scaffolding


Black Cat has an extensive experience in scaffolding activities associated with the construction, maintenance and shutdowns. We’re clearly aware of industrial requirements and will be involved in your project from the first stage. With Black Cat scaffolding, there is no need to worry about the safety element of our work.
Over the past ten years, Black Cat is currently one of the leading specialist scaffolding companies by corving a wide range of industrial scaffolding sectors from local to oversea projects. We provide an all-round service that delivers planning, design, erection, inspection and dismantling. We are able to manage qualified structural engineers to produce design drawings, risk assessments and method statements prior to execution, working closely with the project team to ensure we perform a cost effective, efficient and safe system.

Our applications:
– Tower scaffolding
– Tower access scaffolding
– Mobile tower scaffolding
– Hanging scaffolding
– Suspended scaffolding
Our sectors:
– Shutdowns
– Petrochemical plants
– Chemicals plants
– Power plants
– Refineries


Our strength is that we fully understand and appreciate the structural variations that happen to a project throughout its duration. Certainly, we are responsive to those changing needs to reduce any impact on your project progress. Our staff are always ready to solve and meet requirements without a delay, canceling or wasting your time & budget.
As an scaffolding expert, we are capable of working in most industrial situations. We are proud that our exceptional services can operate ever difficult installations including in confined spaces, structural support, high-rise external access, unfavorable infrastructure… Our techinal advisors and supervisors are highly experienced in setting site up and evaluating risks. We shall help you to find the best solution that can deliver the best protection and save your power.
Black Cat’s services are applicable but not limited to the following industry classifications. Our work is performed by highly trained and productive qualified union tradesmen. Our material is adhere to the highest applicable international standards BS1139/EN74. With fully trained workers and a large stock of materials, we are also provide labour hire only and scaffolding sales. We pride ourselves on delivering good customer service, value and safety.
Should you need the success of your project let choose a Reputable Scaffold Contractor, contact our expert and let us help you!

Industrial Scaffolding
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