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TG20:13 Guide – Setting The Industry Standard In Scaffolding

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TG20:13 Information

In 2008 the NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) issued new guidance that impacted on all tube and fitting scaffold design in the UK. TG20:08 was developed in response to BS EN 12811-1:2003, which replaced the obsolete British Standard for tube and fitting scaffolding, BS 5973, providing wide-ranging advice on the construction of tube and fitting scaffolding, together with guidance for design engineers.

In 2012, having already produced the NASC interactive guide for TG20:08, CADS was invited by the NASC to tender for the rewrite of TG20. Following a successful tender they have worked closely with the NASC to produce the amended guidance for release in 2013 (TG20:13).


TG2013 Guide
                                                                                     TG20:13 Guide

New TG20:13 highlights include:

  • User friendly TG20 Management Guide for contractors & clients.
  • Detailed TG20 Design Guide for structural engineers & designers.
  • Touchscreen eGuide with multiple designs.
  • Compliance sheets for clients.

Visit the NASC website for more details.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) states that:

  1. Unless a scaffold is a basic configuration described in recognised guidance e.g. NASC Technical Guidance TG20 for tube and fitting scaffolds or manufacturers’ guidance for system scaffolds, the scaffold should be designed by calculation, by a competent person, to ensure it will have adequate strength and stability.
  2. All scaffolding should be erected, dismantled and altered in accordance with either NASC guidance document SG4 for tube and fitting scaffolds or the manufacturers’ erection guide for system scaffolds.
  3. For scaffolds that fall outside the scope of ‘Basic Scaffolds’ as described in bullet point 1, the design information should describe the sequence and methods to be adopted when erecting, dismantling and altering the scaffold, if this is not covered by published guidance as detailed in bullet point 2.
  4. Any proposed modifications or alterations outside a generally recognised standard configuration should be designed by a competent person.
  5. Handover certificates should refer to relevant drawings, permitted working platform loadings and any specific restrictions on use.


The NASC on TG20:13

“TG20:13 is the latest update in guidance on tube and fitting scaffolding from the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation.

Some highlights include:

  • All standard scaffolds in TG20:13 are fully proven by design and calculation and as such no additional design work will be required.
  • TG20:13 will adopt a more user-friendly approach than its predecessor and will be more pictorial then previous versions ¬ a common complaint about the last revision was that it was difficult to follow.
  • TG20:13 will be available electronically and to download as an App for mobile devices, and will include more scaffold types as standard designs. This guide will also demonstrate through a computer software system if a scaffolding system needs any additional design or not.
  • Designs included will be: Basic Birdcages, Towers, Basic Fans, Loading Bays, Unit Transoms, 3M lift heights, Hop-Up Brackets, Basic Bridges & Basic Splays.
  • Following feedback from TG20:08 saying it benefitted designers, the revised TG20:13 guidance will put the power back in scaffolders hands, not the engineers and will remove some of the burden for design currently experienced.
  • TG20:13 highlight: heavily revised & researched new wind map.”

We are confident the application of new guidelines will be user-friendly, helpful and aid in taking the Vietnam scaffolding industry further forward and meet the strict requirement from international markets.

Visit the NASC website for more details.

TG20:13 Guide – Setting The Industry Standard In Scaffolding
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